Monthly Activity Ideas

New Year's Eve
~New Year's Eve Countdown bags

~ Make valentines for friends or for kids' school friends

~ Make a card for Grandparent's Day (Sept 11, 2011)
~Make a little scarecrow

~Make tissue ghosts (tootsie pops, kleenex, and ribbon)
~Make glow-in-the-dark spiders
~ Make mummies (hotdogs wrapped in cresent rolls)
~Play with these Halloween paper dolls

~Make beaded corn husks
~Make a paper bag turkey

~Do a Christmas ABC countdown
~ Make chocolate covered marshmallow reindeer (DARLING)

~Pin the nose on Rudolph - tape the picture to the wall then using double-sided tape and red pom poms try pinning the nose on Rudolph, for older kids you could use a blindfold.
Source: (rudolph coloring page)
~Play my Nativity Mix-It up Game ($2.00)