Sunday, October 30, 2011

Activity Bag Swap Rules


1)There will be groups of 12-15 and 1 coordinator. These are first come first serve. If there ends up being a group that isn't full yet, you will become fillers if people drop out. Each swap will have the dates that it is open to join. (No forms will be taken after that date until the next one opens) Feel free to join as many swaps as you want (you will be responsible for each group as a separate shipping fee.

2)There is a limit of $20 for your activity, please feel free to spend less or nothing at all. Materials can range from recyclables to bulk ideas purchases to homemade

3)You will be responsible for the shipping fee ($15.65- covers the large flat rate box and a confirmation-THANKS BRENDA!) which MUST be in within 2 days of receiving your coordinator this is also your confirmation for being in the swap (if the coordinator doesn't receive the fee by the date given, you will receive an email letting you know that you are out.) Please keep in mind that all boxes will be shipped via the United States Postal Service so please provide an address that is serviced by the USPS.
4)Once your shipping fee is received (via PayPal -please see screenshot below for instructions on PayPal) and your form, you will be given your assignments, coordinator, shipping information, etc.

5) The form MUST be filled out and returned to the coordinator, if there isn't an email address by the swap you want to join please send the form to me at The activities will be assigned on first come first serve so get those in quick so you can get the activity you want.(if you have a problem with your assignment, contact your coordinator immediately). Your coordinator will be in touch with you with 3 days after the shipping fees are received with important dates to remember- SHIP BY: date being the most important (if you don't get your activities to the coordinator by that date you will not be participating and your shipping fee will be used for a replacement activity.  

DOWNLOAD SWAP FORM HERE (it is a Word document)

Cliff Notes Version:
The swaps will be up approximately 2-3 days based on how quickly they fill up (there's no max to how many people but get in quick so you don't become a filler)
You MUST send in the form to be in the swap, after being divided into groups you will have 2 days to get your shipping fee in
Your coordinator will send a confirmation email to you within 5 days of the shipping fees received
You will have 2 weeks to assemble and ship the bags (if you have a problem contact your coordinator)
Your shipping fee will be refunded up until the ship by date. After that your fee will be used to fund a replacement activity.
The coordinator will then have 2 weeks to get all the bags together and ship them to you (allow 3 business days to arrive)
And then you have a TON of activities for your kiddos for cheap!!

If you are interested in being a coordinator please let me know (, please include which group(s) you are interested in coordinating. I will contact you if/when I need a coordinator for that group. Please make sure you have a PayPal account to receive the shipping fees

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mini Volcanos

We had a very active little boy tonight and so we broke out some props and played with food coloring!

Materials Needed:
~plate or bowl
~ baking soda
~different colors of food coloring

Put a layer of baking soda onto the plate. Put a few drops of food coloring into the cups then fill with vinegar. Using the eyedropper, pour the vinegar onto the soda. It'll start bubbling and fizzling, L-Pad loved it so much it kept him occupied for about 20-30 minutes  (which is definately a triumph in preschooler world), it was easy enough I think to put into the "stuff to do when I can't play with you" pile.)
Have fun!!