Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What do you see?

I've teamed up with Jacque Larsen and have created a new file folder game using her kit "Green Frog", today and today only you can pick it up for just $1.00!!! Can you believe that! This little game is absolutely adorable, it includes everything in her kit but now it's all ready for you to cut out and play while learning colors. Full instructions are included. Thank you to those that have purchased it so far and for all your amazing support!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Naughty or Nice

I have been playing with the idea of designing and selling digital scrapbooking kits and have finally made the jump with my first one! It's for Christmas :) I love how it turned out!

6 Solid Papers
7 Patterned Papers
1 Santa
1 Elf
1 Reindeer
1 Ribbon
1 String
1 Staple
2 Frames
2 Label Wordart
1 Double Star
1 Coal Pile
1 Holly
1 Journal Tag
1 Snow bank

Some of my Chatter Birds over at Latter-day Chatter made some layouts...THANKS GALS!!
From Nicole:

From Delina:

From Dede:

Friday, November 9, 2012

Scraps by Missy: Abby

I LOVE THIS KIT!! I don't have any girls to speak of but loved these colors.... Missy definitely outdid herself with this fun BIG kit! From today until Saturday this will be 30% off!! YAHOO! Go snag it at her store!

Here's a layout I did with the kit:

You'll be getting a freebie from yours truly (me!) in her next newsletter coming out, be sure to sign up for it.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Scraps by Missy: DSD Blog Hop

I apologize I'm having everyone move from my designing blog, but it's better for me if I consolidate blogs and make this my 'fun' blog... Today is a blog hop for Scraps by Missy.... I quite literally pulled this together in a couple hours and it was fun! I miss designing (quiet tears).... Be sure to stop each blog to snag the freebies! We are all on different time zones so if they aren't posted yet, go back and don't miss them :)

(flairs in the bottom right)

Here's the others:

Monday, October 1, 2012

October Activity-a-Day

This was done in a preschool but what a fun party idea for Halloween!!
The Spider Game
Flights of Whimsy

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Buried Treasure File Folder Game

I LOVE making file folder games, they're so much fun for L-Pad and fun for me to make. And I decided as a new feature on the blog that I would make FREE, that's right FREE, file folder games to share with all of you!

And for those interested in another FREEBIE file folder game. Over on my LDS blog's FB page I have an exclusive monthly gift. To get it just go to the page, like my LDS page and go to the box that says "Monthly Fan Freebie" and download. I have lots of handouts and other LDS related stuff all for free on that blog so go check it out!

Friday, June 1, 2012

June Activity-a-day

Rainbow spaghetti - perfect for getting outside after the cold of the last several months!
Photo and Idea Source: Imagination Tree
DIY Water Table
Photo and Idea Source: Pink and Green Mama

Water Wall
Photo and Idea Source: Share and Remember
Jelly Numbers
Make, Do & Friend

Father's Day Candy Ties
Little LDS Ideas

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Activity-a-day

Green Milk and Lucky Charms
Idea and Photo Source: Thoughtfully Simple

It may be too cold outside to do it, but we'll do it in the kitchen if we need to :)
Soap Mud, easy all it takes is toilet paper, soap shavings and water!
Idea and Photo Source: Imagination Tree

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Boys Potty Chart

L-Pad has been potty training for a few months now, but we still get the occasion accident and in that time we've only had one poop in the potty. So in addition to the one piece of candy for peeing and two for pooing, I've made up this chart so he can put a sticker each time as well as another reward. Then after an alloted number of stickers earned he'll be able to pick a big treat, maybe a new toy or something. We'll see how it goes, we'll be starting when he gets home from preschool.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Diggin' for Gems

I"ve been seriously neglecting this little blog, and for that I apologize, but I come bearing goodies :) About a year ago I put together a little "dry erase" binder for L-Pad, and he wasn't really big on it so it just sat there with only dust as company. But this last week he's gotten more and more into the "coloring" and file folder games. So I'm putting together something awesome with pencil pouches and TON of printables to exchange out whenever he starts getting bored with the same stuff. I'm doing both LDS material and preschool stuff. I got some of the LDS stuff from Green Jello with Carrots and then my eternal families FFG over on my LDS blog and then some coloring activities. I would definately include some stuff from the Friend Magazine, however with L-Pad's language delay, they frustrate him immensely so until we get a better hang on them I'm not including them.
Anyways.. starting to go on and on... I saw a fun little "gems" game on etsy but didn't want to pay to get it and it wasn't all that cute so I cutesied one up and no we have a fun little game.

To glue the gems (Dollar Tree) to each letter, cut around each letter, not close though and then Mod Podge (DIY) each letter to a gem then cut off the excess paper around the gem.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Activity-a-day

This year will be the first for L-Pad to take treats to preschool and let's just say I'm kind of excited about it. So I thought I would compile a few treat ideas that's I've run across over the last couple months. Enjoy!

Photo and Idea Source: Family Fun

Candy Robots
Lisa Storms

For a lunch:
Photo and Idea Source: Becoming Sensible

Have a Silly String war around the house (NOTE: wait until it dries to vacuum it up if you do it on carpet)

Graph little candy hearts by the saying or the color

Countdown Valentine- Act of Love each day
1) visit an elderly person
2) make a goodie to share with friends
3) give a balloon to a crying child

Chocolate Playdough Cupcakes  (silicone cupcake holders)

Have an indoor snowball fight with paper

Monday, January 23, 2012

D for Doctor

L-Pad's grandpa is a doctor and I think he'd have fun making this with one of those cardboard boxes we have stashed downstairs, what about adding some peg people? What a great day activity!

No Time for Flashcards

Thursday, January 12, 2012

C for Clouds

Go lay outside and find shapes in the clouds

Make cloud dough
Flights of Whimsy

Using cottonballs and construction paper create the different types of clouds

Sunday, January 1, 2012

January Activity-a-day

It's been a while since my last posting and I apologize, I've been really busy with my LDS Blog getting everything ready for Primary 2012. But now that's pretty much done with and now I can come back with fun activities :) So... here's January's calendar of activities.
On top of each of these activities, we are going to try each day to do a fun little LDS preschool activity that I found on Confessions of a Slacker Mom that we are really excited to jump into, feel free to join us! :)

2nd- Homemade Oreo Cookies (I've been wanting to do these for a couple weeks but never got around to it with the holidays. I'll just be omitting the peppermint extract)
3rd- From Becoming Sensible
5th- Create "letters" using stickers, stamps, foamies etc and mail them. You never know when friends will play  along. I think we'll send ours to grandparents and a couple friends in the neighborhood (neighborhood just go to their house and stick it in their mailbox, save on the stamps)
Photo and Idea Source: The Mother Huddle
6th- This activity is a great one for a snowy day (let's hope there's snow by then)
Here's some links to some great sites that have flannelboard ideas and templates:
Storytime Katie - AWESOME one of my favorites
Mouse, Mouse Color Game
a "house" freebie LOVE

9th- If you don't have hula hoops you could use masking tape on the floors made into squares, or you could use yarn or string.
10th- No pudding in site? Yogurt would be a fun alternative!
11th- My absolute favorite playdough recipe (scroll down)
And HERE'S some fun playdough mats to practice counting
12th- Using contact paper BRILLANT!
Photo and Idea Source: Share and Remember
16th- LOVE THIS!
Photo and Idea Source: Meet the Dubiens
18th- Coloring: Here's a few websites that offer free coloring pages

19th- Name Soup -adds the fun times of water and learning :)
Idea and Photo Source: House of Baby Piranha
20th- Perfect fine motor activity, maybe all at the dollar store?
Photo and Idea Source: Pink and Green Mama
24th- I'm really excited about this one, and I'm going to throw in some "castle stickers" for him to play with. But I'm thinking that I may make it all into a magnet activity with sheets from Walmart. So that we can keep it on the fridge and he can play with it whenever.
Photo and Idea Source: Playing House in Maryland