Monday, November 7, 2011

Puppy and Green Dino Puzzles

L-Pad LOVES puzzles and would do them all day if there was enough variety, so in addition to the activity-a-day we are also going to play with puzzles!! First we're going to put it together so that he knows what it's suppose to look like and then I"m going to put the pieces into our rice bin and he'll have to find all the pieces and put it together (loves that too) and I wanted to share :) I'll be gluing these onto construction paper, you can also laminate them for later use :)

* the numbers on the puzzles will be to help him if he gets frustrated with just looking at the picture or we can count (our triumph from yesterday) and put the puzzles together.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Activity-a-Day

Happy Moment of my day: L-Pad has a speech delay and so for a typical 3 year old this became a triumph a long time ago. He counted to 10 all my himself!! My favorite is 7, he pronounces it "seben"
Simple joys of life!

I am going to start making a monthly calendar with an activity for each day for L-Pad(3) and I wanted to share. I'll be getting the December one out soon. Please feel free to change and alter the activity to suit you and your family or the weather :)


*on the calendar indicates a link or instructions
8th-using a container (yogurt, cottage cheese, etc), cut a slit it the lid. Then push poms- poms in through the slit.
9th- Combine food coloring to bubble mix then blow onto paper
10th-Pumpkin Pie Playdough by Dinosaurs and Octopuses
11th-using a tray of flour (salt, sand, sugar, etc) practice letter writing in the flour by showing flashcards.
12th- using Mod Podge (don't have any- make some) and scrapbook paper, mod podge paper to the 2 long sides of each Jenga piece then let dry and PLAY
13th- Find and download game from my LDS blog.
14th- Cut out different colors out of construction paper and tape/tack to the floor in no particular order. Then start by calling out a color, you must get from the start to the finish stepping/jumping on only that color. Then do it again calling out a different color.
15th- Go HERE for the recipe of  Troll Boogers, spread out some drop cloth just in case :)
16th- Foam Bathroom Mural by Filth Wizardry (you don't need to be taking a bath :)
17th- Put pasta, food coloring and about 2 squirts of hand sanitizer (MUST have alcohol) in a medium ziploc, shake around, then let out to dry, you can also use rubbing alcohol
18th- Printable coming soon!!
19th- Lofthouse Sugar Cookie and Frosting Recipe
21st- Activity to come soon right here on Frogs in My Pockets
22nd- Fingerpainting corn husk by All Kids Network
23rd- Using the streamers you can find at the dollar store, make an obstacle course in a hallway. Crawling over and under to get the end.
26th-Jell-o Excavation by Tinker Lab
29th- using printouts from the internet play a matching game by cutting the pictures in half, printing out 2 of each, play a game by hiding one of the printouts and seeking it out to make a match, and you can also using plastic animals make a match with the printouts.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Matching Bag

Photo and Idea Source: Little Hands, Big Work
Just like a matching game with cards. You start by pulling out a critter from the bag then just "finding" it's match by only feeling inside the bag. If you get a match AWESOME if not both pieces go back into the bag.
You could put each critter out on the tray and then have it's mates inside the bag,  trying to get a match that way.