Any Day Activity Ideas

~Balloon Volleyball - blow up some balloons and hit them back and forth
~Make some puffy bathtub paint and play in the tub, or just using food coloring and shaving cream
~Color on a window with dry-erase crayons (found in crayola section of Wal-mart/Target) NOTE: comes off easily with window/glass cleaner
~Using foam shapes make pictures on the window
~Marble Races -use a pool noodle and cut it in half, run marbles down the center.
~Make some cupcakes or sugar cookies and decorate them
~Build cupcakes (CUTE PRINTABLE!!)

~Lacing Beads or Cereal
~Puzzles - make your own or purchase some, my favorites are Melissa and Doug
~Playdough and tools - make your own (scroll down a little)
~Paper People, Cars and paper roads, etc - BOM dolls, Cars(he has a paper city to print too:), Girls/Boys/Animals
~Flannelboard Stories- from colored, Childcareland   MAKE YOUR OWN FELT PIECES
~Mini Mr. Potatohead
~Finger Puppets - we have these ones and they've lasted at least a year
~Cereal Necklaces
~Matching Games
~Paper clips or clothespins and Paint Swatches
~Peg Stackers
~Pencils and Erasers
~Stickers and a notebook
~Dominoes-homemade paper ones
~Locks and Keys
~Shaped I Spy Bag
~Number Mats and Animals
~Nuts and Bolts
~Foam Blocks and Pattern Cards
~DIY Dot to Dot -using office supply dots, make a dot to dot
~Pull out a dry erase board and some markers and let the drawing begin
~Doodle pad (about $8 at Walmart or Target)

It seems to me that the time that L-Pad really wants to play or have my undivided attention is when I'm making dinner, taking care of Tad, etc. and I'm sure I'm not the only one :) 

~A deck of cards - have the kids separate them by color (red & black) or by suits
~A stack of cups - they can stack up the cups up to build a tower and knock them back down again
~Clean coins - coins, water and a dash of soap in a bowl, have the kids clean off all the loose change, you could also throw in an old toothbrush to scrub the coins with. *NOTE- if the bowl spills, it's just water :) snag a towel and you're good as gold.