Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Activity-a-Day

Happy Moment of my day: L-Pad has a speech delay and so for a typical 3 year old this became a triumph a long time ago. He counted to 10 all my himself!! My favorite is 7, he pronounces it "seben"
Simple joys of life!

I am going to start making a monthly calendar with an activity for each day for L-Pad(3) and I wanted to share. I'll be getting the December one out soon. Please feel free to change and alter the activity to suit you and your family or the weather :)


*on the calendar indicates a link or instructions
8th-using a container (yogurt, cottage cheese, etc), cut a slit it the lid. Then push poms- poms in through the slit.
9th- Combine food coloring to bubble mix then blow onto paper
10th-Pumpkin Pie Playdough by Dinosaurs and Octopuses
11th-using a tray of flour (salt, sand, sugar, etc) practice letter writing in the flour by showing flashcards.
12th- using Mod Podge (don't have any- make some) and scrapbook paper, mod podge paper to the 2 long sides of each Jenga piece then let dry and PLAY
13th- Find and download game from my LDS blog.
14th- Cut out different colors out of construction paper and tape/tack to the floor in no particular order. Then start by calling out a color, you must get from the start to the finish stepping/jumping on only that color. Then do it again calling out a different color.
15th- Go HERE for the recipe of  Troll Boogers, spread out some drop cloth just in case :)
16th- Foam Bathroom Mural by Filth Wizardry (you don't need to be taking a bath :)
17th- Put pasta, food coloring and about 2 squirts of hand sanitizer (MUST have alcohol) in a medium ziploc, shake around, then let out to dry, you can also use rubbing alcohol
18th- Printable coming soon!!
19th- Lofthouse Sugar Cookie and Frosting Recipe
21st- Activity to come soon right here on Frogs in My Pockets
22nd- Fingerpainting corn husk by All Kids Network
23rd- Using the streamers you can find at the dollar store, make an obstacle course in a hallway. Crawling over and under to get the end.
26th-Jell-o Excavation by Tinker Lab
29th- using printouts from the internet play a matching game by cutting the pictures in half, printing out 2 of each, play a game by hiding one of the printouts and seeking it out to make a match, and you can also using plastic animals make a match with the printouts.

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful ideas. I just spent over an hour looking over pretty much every post on here and I love everything and am so excited to implement it in our home. My kids are 1 1/2 & 2 1/2 and they are going to LOVE so many of these activities. So thank you!