Sunday, January 1, 2012

January Activity-a-day

It's been a while since my last posting and I apologize, I've been really busy with my LDS Blog getting everything ready for Primary 2012. But now that's pretty much done with and now I can come back with fun activities :) So... here's January's calendar of activities.
On top of each of these activities, we are going to try each day to do a fun little LDS preschool activity that I found on Confessions of a Slacker Mom that we are really excited to jump into, feel free to join us! :)

2nd- Homemade Oreo Cookies (I've been wanting to do these for a couple weeks but never got around to it with the holidays. I'll just be omitting the peppermint extract)
3rd- From Becoming Sensible
5th- Create "letters" using stickers, stamps, foamies etc and mail them. You never know when friends will play  along. I think we'll send ours to grandparents and a couple friends in the neighborhood (neighborhood just go to their house and stick it in their mailbox, save on the stamps)
Photo and Idea Source: The Mother Huddle
6th- This activity is a great one for a snowy day (let's hope there's snow by then)
Here's some links to some great sites that have flannelboard ideas and templates:
Storytime Katie - AWESOME one of my favorites
Mouse, Mouse Color Game
a "house" freebie LOVE

9th- If you don't have hula hoops you could use masking tape on the floors made into squares, or you could use yarn or string.
10th- No pudding in site? Yogurt would be a fun alternative!
11th- My absolute favorite playdough recipe (scroll down)
And HERE'S some fun playdough mats to practice counting
12th- Using contact paper BRILLANT!
Photo and Idea Source: Share and Remember
16th- LOVE THIS!
Photo and Idea Source: Meet the Dubiens
18th- Coloring: Here's a few websites that offer free coloring pages

19th- Name Soup -adds the fun times of water and learning :)
Idea and Photo Source: House of Baby Piranha
20th- Perfect fine motor activity, maybe all at the dollar store?
Photo and Idea Source: Pink and Green Mama
24th- I'm really excited about this one, and I'm going to throw in some "castle stickers" for him to play with. But I'm thinking that I may make it all into a magnet activity with sheets from Walmart. So that we can keep it on the fridge and he can play with it whenever.
Photo and Idea Source: Playing House in Maryland

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  1. This is so GREAT! I can't wait to use this. I printed the November one and gave it to the mom that does "preschool" with me. Thanks so much for your hard work. I love this site and Latter Day Chatter - it makes me happy when I see a new post!