Friday, February 24, 2012

Diggin' for Gems

I"ve been seriously neglecting this little blog, and for that I apologize, but I come bearing goodies :) About a year ago I put together a little "dry erase" binder for L-Pad, and he wasn't really big on it so it just sat there with only dust as company. But this last week he's gotten more and more into the "coloring" and file folder games. So I'm putting together something awesome with pencil pouches and TON of printables to exchange out whenever he starts getting bored with the same stuff. I'm doing both LDS material and preschool stuff. I got some of the LDS stuff from Green Jello with Carrots and then my eternal families FFG over on my LDS blog and then some coloring activities. I would definately include some stuff from the Friend Magazine, however with L-Pad's language delay, they frustrate him immensely so until we get a better hang on them I'm not including them.
Anyways.. starting to go on and on... I saw a fun little "gems" game on etsy but didn't want to pay to get it and it wasn't all that cute so I cutesied one up and no we have a fun little game.

To glue the gems (Dollar Tree) to each letter, cut around each letter, not close though and then Mod Podge (DIY) each letter to a gem then cut off the excess paper around the gem.


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