Monday, September 5, 2011

Mr. Chomper Game

Photo and Idea Source: I Heart Crafty Things

Materials Needed:
-Letter-size envelope
-gray marker or crayon
-large wiggly eye
-3 inch pieces of white yarn
-white felt
-glue stick
-hot glue gun

1. Seal your envelope and color it gray.

2. Cut a triangle piece out of one side of your envelope to make the mouth. 

3. Take the triangle piece you cut just cut out, put some glue on the inside of it to seal it together, and then glue it to the back of the envelope to make the fin.

4. Glue on the large wiggly eye and the 3 pieces of yarn. The yarn makes the gills for the shark.

5. Cut out some teeth from the white felt and attach them to the mouth of the shark.

6. Now make some flashcards (mine are approx 2 1/2" x 2") and have fun playing the Alphabet Chomper Game.

And here's a download to go with Mr. Chomper. I took it a little bit further than just the alphabet. I did the alphabet (upper and lower), numbers (1-10, one-ten, and dots), and colors. There are 8 pages in all to printout.

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