Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Paper Plates: Sea Turtle

Photo and Idea Source: Sun Scholars

-Template found HERE
-small paper bowl
-small paper plate
-green paint
-paint brush
-green and brown paper
-black marker
-wiggly eyes

1. Turn your small paper bowl upside down and paint the entire bottom of it with green paint. Let it dry completely.
2. While your paint is drying, print out the template. You can either print it out on green card stock paper, or you can print it out on white card stock paper and have your child color it green.
3. Cut out all the pieces from the template.
4.Cut out several small squares out of your brown and green paper.
5.Spread glue all over the paper bowl and place your small squares all over to make the turtle's shell. Let it dry.
6. Using the stapler, staple the head, arms, and legs to the paper bowl and plate.

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